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PROGRAMS AND SEMINARS Besides access to shared production and packaging facilities, District Ventures Kitchen also offers a structured training program as well as stand-alone seminars and other services designed to help entrepreneurs build and grow their food processing businesses.

No one knows everything. That’s why District Ventures Kitchen provides the training and connections food entrepreneurs need to develop a full range of business skills. With partners from industry and academia, District Ventures Kitchen helps new businesses to optimize their products and business practices.

Market Feasibility Boot Camp

This 12 week program is designed to help pre-revenue and early stage entrepreneurs to make that big ‘go/no go’ decision of starting a food business confidently!

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Market Feasibility Boot Camp LITE

To reach early-stage food entrepreneurs no matter where they live in Ontario, we’ve created this 5-week MFBC LITE. District Ventures Kitchen Live Streaming will make it easy for pre-revenue food & beverage entrepreneurs to learn about the environment around food production before making the big go/no go decision.

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Food Commercialization Program

The Food Commercialization Program is District Ventures Kitchen's premier program for assisting entrepreneurs to take food ideas to full commercialization.

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Hourly Production Services

District Ventures Kitchen provides commercial kitchen space designed to meet the needs of small scale and start-up food producers and caterers.


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