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DISTRICT VENTURES KITCHEN Our programs combine kitchen and production time with training and business services to ensure that food entrepreneurs have the launch pad they need to succeed.


 Food Commercialization Program

  • The Food Commercialization Program is District Ventures Kitchen’s vehicle for assisting entrepreneurs who want to take food ideas from the drawing board to full commercialization. This multi-stage program is for entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their food idea into a business.

The Food Commercialization Program is a 1-year program aimed at taking a food idea to market. The program consists of a 3-staged training and support program that helps food entrepreneurs at each step of their business’ development.

Program Requirements

Applicants to the Food Commercialization Program must complete an introductory course called Building Your Food Business: Market Feasibility & Assessment . Facilitated by MaRs, this fundamental program will help food entrepreneurs start to build a business foundation for their food product idea.

Every potential District Ventures Kitchen client is reviewed by an internal committee that assesses the applicant based upon the following criteria:

    • The client’s completion of the Building Your Food Business: Market Feasibility & Assessment course as well as the results achieved during that training.
    • The client’s business plan and the viability/merit of the plan.
    • The fit between the client’s recipe and food product and the District Ventures Kitchen facilities 
    • Client’s level of available capital
    • Growth potential
    • Available space

 Note: All potential clients must have certification as a Food Service Handler.

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