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FACILITY & EQUIPMENT District Ventures Kitchen provides a broad array of equipment and facilities to help food entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses, including both shared and private production spaces.
Soups and Sauces Kitchen

The Soups and Sauces Kitchen contains all necessary equipment to produce and package any kind of hot fill food products including formulations with particulates. The kitchen is equipped with a soup kettle, stockpot range, braising pan, mixer and six burner gas range with oven.

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Ready Prepared Meals Kitchen

The Ready Prepared Meals Kitchen contains all necessary equipment to produce fresh or frozen prepared meals for consumer use. The kitchen is equipped with a range and oven, combi oven, stockpot range, braising pan, soup kettle, hot holding tables, blast chiller and mixer.

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Salads and Condiments Kitchen

The Salads and Condiments Kitchen contains all necessary equipment needed to prepare chilled or high acid condiments and salads. The kitchen is equipped with a range, soup kettle, mixer, convection oven, braising pan, vegetable cutting equipment and filling and bottling equipment.

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Catering and Food Truck Kitchen

The Catering and Food Truck Kitchen is a fully-equipped commercial kitchen. It is ideally suited for use by event caterers or as a prep kitchen for food truck or food cart operators. The kitchen is equipped with a six burner gas range and oven, double convection ovens, stockpot range, soup kettle, mixer, braising pan, deep fryer, salamander and holding tables.

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Commercial Bakery

The Commercial Bakery work area is equipped with rotary ovens, a deck oven, mixers, sheeters, proofers, racks and pans - everything necessary to produce high quality baked goods for both foodservice and consumer retail consumption.

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The Packaging area features a variety of equipment that can accommodate a range of product packaging needs. The area contains a dry fill line, a wet fill line, vacuum sealers, a flow wrapper, tap caser, metal detector and shrink wrapping equipment.

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Wash Down Room

The wash down area provides all of the equipment required to ensure all food safety requirements are met.

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Kitchen Equipment

In addition to four specialized kitchens, a bakery and a packaging line, District Ventures Kitchen has a range of additional kitchen equipment that can be used for processing. Additional equipment can be found below.

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